Breaking: Mr President Music Video to be Released


Yesterday, on Power Talk on Power FM with Eusebius McKaiser, it was announced that I will be releasing a music video for “Mr President”. The story of this video is amazing: I got an email a few days after the song was released from a South African film-maker who felt the song and was prepared to do a video for it to amplify the message. We are working on a really tight timeline but have committed to getting the video out next week. I am really excited about this – I think the video has the potential to take the song over the top and perhaps be a historic piece of art in its own right. Goes to show what can happen when South Africans come together around a cause. Look out for the vid!

Listen to the announcement on the “Mr President” video at the end of this podcast! Was enjoying the interview so much that I had to be reminded at the end that I had an announcement to make.

The long talk continues.

Lyrics to “Mr President”


Verse 1

Mr president, this is for the people who you’re tryna fool/

This is for the people so it’s time to school/

This is for the cronies who admire you: you wanna see a chicken run? I’ll drown you in your firepool/

Umshini wam’ umshini wam’/

Khawuleth’ umshini wam umshini wam’/

Have you heard the rumours?/

They say Zuma’s a criminal, criminal/

Subliminal messaging the anger in the people is setting in/

The crowd is menacing, the cries are deafening/

Zuma must go, the shadows are lengthening/

Fuck the police, yo we run on adrenalin/

You undermine women undervalue the feminine/

We’re marching like regiments, screaming “down with decadence!”/

Caught up in a spiral of underdevelopment/

It’s about time you got a taste of your own medicine/



Mr president, can you hear the people on the streets?/

See the hunger, the anger now they’re praying for your defeat/

Marikana, Nkandla and spy tapes is deceit/

No surrender no retreat, no surrender no retreat!/

I repeat!/

I can see the people on the streets/

Calling for your head calling for your defeat/

Marikana, Nkandla and Arms Deal is deceit/

And we won’t retreat, no we won’t retreat!/


Verse 2

Mr president, can you see the people on the streets?/

Bathi “phansi ngo-Zuma” to the rhythm of the beat/

They say: “where do you run when the president’s a thief?”/

They say: “where do you go when the criminal’s police?”/

You sold out the poor like you sold out Cosatu/

Then you double-crossed Vavi when he tried to out you/

How many more stories are there about you?/

Even the Guptas’ airplane couldn’t ground you/

E-tolls, Marikana, load shedding/

700 charges and you still don’t get it/

You killed our ANC, the struggle’s been beheaded/

And just how just many friends’ daughters have you bedded?/

Fooled me once but you can’t fool Thuli/

We’re headed to the streets the mood so unruly/

Yeah, they say power corrupts/

But absolute power corrupts absolutely/


Chorus (X2)



This is a remix of the song done by El General/

They say it sparked the Tunisian revolution that brought Ben Ali down/

I represent the real hip-hop/

Talk about social change, stand up/

Meet me at the Union Buildings/

Mr Zuma, your time is up/