Breaking: Mr President Music Video to be Released


Yesterday, on Power Talk on Power FM with Eusebius McKaiser, it was announced that I will be releasing a music video for “Mr President”. The story of this video is amazing: I got an email a few days after the song was released from a South African film-maker who felt the song and was prepared to do a video for it to amplify the message. We are working on a really tight timeline but have committed to getting the video out next week. I am really excited about this – I think the video has the potential to take the song over the top and perhaps be a historic piece of art in its own right. Goes to show what can happen when South Africans come together around a cause. Look out for the vid!

Listen to the announcement on the “Mr President” video at the end of this podcast! Was enjoying the interview so much that I had to be reminded at the end that I had an announcement to make.

The long talk continues.