OPINION: Free Tuition is Easily Affordable


Both the state and universities are responsible for the dramatic increase in fees over the last decade, though each likes to blame the other. Between 2006 and 2012, the state’s contribution to the total funding of higher education remained roughly stag­nant, at about 40 per cent – yet between 2010 and 2012 tuition fees increased by 27 per cent, whereas student enrolment only increased by 7 per cent. Vice-chancellors suggested that this shift was because of a falling per-capita state subsidy, but this is inaccurate: the per-capita subsidy fell relative to fees precisely because fees were rising so quickly.



St John’s College Valedictory Address


On Friday, I was honoured to be invited as the guest speaker at the St John’s College valedictory ceremony. The speech included advice to the class of 2016, touched on the current South African political situation, and criticised the racism still prevalent at St John’s and many other schools in South Africa. The full speech is below:

Freedom is a Scary, Sacred Thing: Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, St John’s College Valedictory Address

SJC Veldictory

A picture with the Head of School, and other leavers after the valedictory ceremony.

Democracy and Delusion Update 1: Buks to Feature!


Glad to announce that Buks, one of South Africa’s most talented hip-hop producers, will be working on the Democracy and Delusion album. He’ll be working on some production as well as advising on the direction of the album, and dropping a verse! Here’s a vid of our first creative session together:

Democracy and Delusion is due in the second half of 2017.