St John’s College Valedictory Address


On Friday, I was honoured to be invited as the guest speaker at the St John’s College valedictory ceremony. The speech included advice to the class of 2016, touched on the current South African political situation, and criticised the racism still prevalent at St John’s and many other schools in South Africa. The full speech is below:

Freedom is a Scary, Sacred Thing: Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, St John’s College Valedictory Address

SJC Veldictory

A picture with the Head of School, and other leavers after the valedictory ceremony.

Essay: Neutrality entrenches racial inequality


This essay comes in the wake of various racial upheavals in South Africa. It deals with the ineffectiveness of a strategy of post-racial pragmatism. It was published by ASRI

“Progress must mean more than just changing racist attitudes. It must mean more than hosting ‘race summits’, or ‘marches against racism’. It must mean uprooting and ultimately destroying the remnants of white supremacy. We simply cannot persist in the belief that neutrality will lead, by some magic, to racial justice. Radical and structural changes to our economy and society are the only way out of this conjuncture. And while these solutions may fill us with dread for their unintended consequences, we should realise that we already are – and always have been – living in a nightmare.”