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Yesterday, on Power Talk on Power FM with Eusebius McKaiser, it was announced that I will be releasing a music video for “Mr President”. The story of this video is amazing: I got an email a few days after the song was released from a South African film-maker who felt the song and was prepared to do a video for it to amplify the message. We are working on a really tight timeline but have committed to getting the video out next week. I am really excited about this – I think the video has the potential to take the song over the top and perhaps be a historic piece of art in its own right. Goes to show what can happen when South Africans come together around a cause. Look out for the vid!

Listen to the announcement on the “Mr President” video at the end of this podcast! Was enjoying the interview so much that I had to be reminded at the end that I had an announcement to make.

The long talk continues.

Lyrics to “Mr President”


Verse 1

Mr president, this is for the people who you’re tryna fool/

This is for the people so it’s time to school/

This is for the cronies who admire you: you wanna see a chicken run? I’ll drown you in your firepool/

Umshini wam’ umshini wam’/

Khawuleth’ umshini wam umshini wam’/

Have you heard the rumours?/

They say Zuma’s a criminal, criminal/

Subliminal messaging the anger in the people is setting in/

The crowd is menacing, the cries are deafening/

Zuma must go, the shadows are lengthening/

Fuck the police, yo we run on adrenalin/

You undermine women undervalue the feminine/

We’re marching like regiments, screaming “down with decadence!”/

Caught up in a spiral of underdevelopment/

It’s about time you got a taste of your own medicine/



Mr president, can you hear the people on the streets?/

See the hunger, the anger now they’re praying for your defeat/

Marikana, Nkandla and spy tapes is deceit/

No surrender no retreat, no surrender no retreat!/

I repeat!/

I can see the people on the streets/

Calling for your head calling for your defeat/

Marikana, Nkandla and Arms Deal is deceit/

And we won’t retreat, no we won’t retreat!/


Verse 2

Mr president, can you see the people on the streets?/

Bathi “phansi ngo-Zuma” to the rhythm of the beat/

They say: “where do you run when the president’s a thief?”/

They say: “where do you go when the criminal’s police?”/

You sold out the poor like you sold out Cosatu/

Then you double-crossed Vavi when he tried to out you/

How many more stories are there about you?/

Even the Guptas’ airplane couldn’t ground you/

E-tolls, Marikana, load shedding/

700 charges and you still don’t get it/

You killed our ANC, the struggle’s been beheaded/

And just how just many friends’ daughters have you bedded?/

Fooled me once but you can’t fool Thuli/

We’re headed to the streets the mood so unruly/

Yeah, they say power corrupts/

But absolute power corrupts absolutely/


Chorus (X2)



This is a remix of the song done by El General/

They say it sparked the Tunisian revolution that brought Ben Ali down/

I represent the real hip-hop/

Talk about social change, stand up/

Meet me at the Union Buildings/

Mr Zuma, your time is up/


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MrPresidentArtwork_sized“Mr President” is the controversial first single released on Long Talk 2 Freedom. It is a work of hip-hop protest literature which deals with the failed presidency of Jacob Zuma. The work remixes, and was inspired by, Tunisian rapper El-general’s classic, “Rayes lebled”, which became the theme song of the Tunisian revolution which brought Tunisian Prime Minister Zine El Abidine Ben Ali down in 2011.


Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh aka Vice V
Recorded by Tiger.X

Speeches Referenced:
T. Lekota, “Response to the State of the Nation Address”, February, 2013.
J. Malema, “They Shot us Behind the Mountain: Address on the First Anniversary of the Marikana Massacre”, August, 2013.

Official Song Hashtags:

#MrPresident  &  #LongTalk2Freedom

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